World Animal Day: Groups Demand New Animal Protection Law



October 4th is World Animal Day. The German Animal Welfare Association and its affiliated over 700 member clubs underline their demand for a completely new animal protection law.

It is more than a decade ago when, on August 1, 2002, the Animal Protection was established as a national objective in the Basic Law. Our modern world provides animal identification microchips that can inject them under the skin. There are modern anesthetic techniques and alternatives to animal testing. Findings to what is appropriate to the species for the different animals, or whether they can feel pain and suffering, is not lacking either.

But still, for example, are crustaceans, and their capacity for suffering is proof in restaurants thrown alive into boiling water. Legally, piglets are castrated without anesthesia. Also, fishes at sea are disassembled without anesthetic or without anesthesia. These animals are slaughtered without stunning. Other animals are tigers, elephants and other wild animals reared in arenas and wagons from traveling circuses.

Critics call the current Animal Welfare Act, as the list of permitted animal cruelty is long. Accordingly, the long catalog of requirements of animal protection groups for a completely renewed Animal Welfare Act.

The government has indeed been interested in an amendment to the Animal Welfare Act, but the draft should be revised urgently, according to the animal rights activists. Thomas Schroeder, president of the German Animal Welfare, said: “It is still possible, the weak government bill amending the Animal Welfare Act compliances. Here, all parties are required. ”

Among the most important requirements of the animal rights include a right of collective action. This is serious animal welfare organizations are enabled to defend the rights of animals in court.



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