Were the 2012 Olympics a corporate parade under the shadow of guns?

The Olympics have come and gone and many claim that they have done little to help give local economies a push. While government official claim that the impetus given by the 2012 games would mean a better and more vibrant economic future for London and the surrounding areas, independent tourism companies and hotels claim that the ‘feel good’ effect has been almost negligible.

Businesses already reeling under the effect of the tough economic times say that the Corporate Olympics have done next to nothing for small local businesses in the short or long term. So the question still lingers if the Olympics really is just a corporate parade and one under the shadow of guns.

There are plenty of reasons to believe that it is and while everyone around the globe has the greatest of respect for the athletes who toil away all their lives to achieve their Olympic dreams, one wonders if they are just small pawns in the bigger plot. They definitely seem to be the ones who are doing all the hard lifting for little gain while the suits and ties in the corporate houses ride on their backs while dangling the carrot of ‘glory’ to fill their own pockets.

People are starting to question the ‘Olympic Spirit’ when its committee is willing to freely promote the likes of BP as ‘sustainability partners’ after the mess their oil spills have caused and Dow Chemicals, responsible for thousands of deaths and tragedies in the Bhopal incident in India.

Where is the Olympic spirit that cherishes humanity and its great ethics when it comes to choosing corporate partners? Obviously money seems to be the biggest magic wand that will get you whatever you want with the Olympic Committee. No one expects the Olympics to take political stands, but people do hope that the games live up to their own billing.

Add to this the fact that this has been the heaviest militarization of London since WWII and one wonders if this is what ‘celebrating humanity’ is all about!!

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