The Moose

The Moose is a mammal that feeds on woody vegetation, aquatic plants and leaves. It weighs up to 800 kilograms, standing at a height of 1.5 to 2 meters at shoulder level. Even with its size the moose could run up to 55 kilometers per hour.

The moose is grotesque to look at and at times can seem awkward in its movement, because of its long legs. However, it is known to be able to defend itself from other wild animals; and can swim for long distances when feeding on water plants.


The sensitivity of the moose is remarkable. It can detect movements almost behind it without turning the head, by simply moving its eyes. Some researchers suggest that because the nostrils are far apart, it gives the moose the uncanny ability to perceive the location of objects in a 3 dimensional scale. As for its hearing, the ears can pick sounds in all directions, especially from other moose as far as three kilometers.

The offspring is called a calf and can be very tender, playful and loyal, even when it is adopted by humans.

Since the moose feed exclusively on plants, the cold winter periods presents a trying time for the large mammal. It feeds voraciously during the warm weather, eating up to 23 kg of forage every day. The forage could be from aquatic plants or above the ground; feeding this way stores up fat in its body.

In the winter, the mammal reduces its activities and retains heat under its fur all through the chilly season.

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