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Getting rid of blackheads with tomatoes

Truss tomatoes.

Blackheads!! One of the most threatening problems for teenage girls. Most pimples, acne, blackheads occur when pores become clog with dust or dirt.

tomatoes, rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and citric acid are a natural blackhead remedy. Of course, they are cheaper than commercial acne formulations and may be less irritating to the skin. Tomatoes can be used with lime juice or alone, tomato paste can also be used as a mask.


As having blackheads on your face can be really hard so fortunately we have got tomatoes which provides cure from this curse in a very efficient and cheap manner. Blackheads and acne scars can be avoided as tomatoes have the advantage of normalizing and moistening the oily skin. Moreover, they could be applied directly on the blackhead prone areas without the need of any sort of raw consumption.

Tomatoes can be applied in various forms:

1) Avocado and tomato cleansing mask

2) Basic tomato facial

3) Lime pore and tomato reducing mask

4) Yogurt and tomato cooling mask.

One could any of the fore mentioned methods and can apply to the face for blackhead removal because these methods are safe and natural, hundred percent.

Blackheads are called comedones by doctors, when they are closed they are called whiteheads because white head is raised on your skin and forms bumps. So tomatoes cam provide efficient treatment to those comedones without pinching, scraping, poking, pressing or squeezing too hard.

Maintaining a clear and beautiful skin takes time, consistency and efforts. Even dermatologists may recommend lots of products but they may be expensive enough!

Dark Side of vegetables: black tomatoes!

Israelis farmers have created a kind of tomato with a red interior, but with a very dark skin color, which darkens as tomatoes ripen in the sun.

The researchers crossed wild varieties cultivated varieties of tomato, resulting in a new variety with striking aspect in color almost black fruit (botanically speaking, what we call “red” are fruits of the plant).

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