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Feeding Your Child Anger and Aggression?

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Aggression, mischief and playfulness are common to children of age 3-10 years; this is what we love them for. However, sometimes it is not mischief but violence, hostility and viciousness. It is very important to understand the psyche of your child to differentiate between the two. In the latter situation, behavior and attitude interrupts in your child’s classroom, home and outdoor life.

It is not always a hard-to-remember medical condition that your child might be suffering from; sometimes as simple as a few eating habits are making your child hostile and harsh.


Here we list the diet related conditions that alter your child’s behavior:


  • Feeding your gluten intolerant child, unintentionally, with whole wheat and refined wheat products not only cause diarrhea, weight loss and other GI conditions but also behavioral abnormalities such as irritability, peevishness, difficulty in learning, mental immaturity, confusion and stupor. Very rare cases also result in Autism.
  • Abundant intake of Soy leading to accumulation of Manganese. Hypermanganesemia, usually caused by diet rich in Soy, results in learning and cognitive disabilities and delayed mental growth. If the fetus is exposed to dangerously high levels of manganese, it may lead to developmental disorders.
  • Another ingredient of soy, phytoestrogens, increases the risk of hyperthyroidism in teenagers. This leads to hostility, petulance and enmity in young adults, leading to disloyalty towards parents.
  • Refined and artificial carbohydrates induce hyperactivity in children. Dr. Parris Kidd, in one of her reviews, reported that refined sugar utilization leads to hyperactivity, aggression and destructive behavior among children of age 4-11 years.
  • Aspartame in candies, gums and beverages stupor, irritability, nervousness, sleeping disorders, multiple phobias and severe headaches in children.