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Altmaier Should Provide Concept for Modern Coal-and Gas-Fired Plants

Berlin – Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg plan so hard for energy transition by Environment Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) to task. The Bavarian Economics Minister Martin Zeil (FDP) and Baden-Württemberg Environment Minister Franz Saucer (Green) to throw the federal government in the newspaper “Die Welt” (Wednesday edition) inaction on the creation of spare capacity before the disconnected nuclear power plants.
Both countries require Altmaier to present concepts, such as the construction of conventional coal – and especially gas-fired plants can be promoted. Otherwise one would get massive supply problems, said Zeil. “Federal Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Agriculture must now work with the important areas to address conventional power plants and capacity mechanism and the ongoing process of discussion to finally produce a result.
Saucer said Altmaiers paper loses no word on how the federal government would provide incentives to the construction of new modern gas power plants which remains profitable. Needed are low-emission, efficient, flexible, connected and disconnected capacity.

Altmaier Wants to Fight for Affordable Electricity


BERLIN, Germany – Federal Environment Minister, Peter Altmaier (CDU), assumes that electricity prices will rise during the phasing out of nuclear power.

“Everyone knew when to phase out nuclear energy, the energy transition can not be had for free,” the CDU politician said on Wednesday in the ZDF “Morning Magazine”.

Task of the federal government is to organize the transformation of energy so that these price increases were within the scope and power remain affordable.

According to Altmaier, the energy revolution will not fail. Needed were new power lines. This would be in the Federal Network noted that should be adopted no later than early next year.