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The Best Natural Cure For Work Hangovers

We’ve all been there. Its a big night, you have way too much fun (yes you drink a lot) and now you’re sitting at work hatling life and vowing to never drink again. Your boss wants you in his office to give you a last minute assignment for today, your coworker is chewing gum way too loudly and the coffee machine is broken.

Now what?

You could grab a Gatorade, close your office door and take a nap. Afterall, if you can’t think, you can’t work. Obviously. OR you can assume that’s too risky (maybe you don’t have an office with a door) and you can load up on advil and anything else that has a chance of making you feel like your head isn’t pounding and the room isn’t spinning.
Recently there were several studies released on ways to get rid of a hangover naturally. No pills, no sleeping… just you, your head and nature’s gift. First of all, you get a hangover when your liver is telling you that it can’t handle anymore abuse. Its trying its best to deal with the excessive amount of toxins you’ve just ingested. Your blood sugar also dips and dehydration and fatigue only add to the problem.

So Why Do We Avoid Prescription Pills/Drugs?

Absolutely they are huge lifesavers, but they sure don’t have a great effect on your body.

  • Aspirin is a blood thinner and when you are mixing it together with alcohol. The only problem here is really if you cut yourself. Good luck getting yourself to stop bleeding.
  • Acetaminophen is just bad for your liver. Plain and simple.
  • Ibuprofen is bad for your stomach (you really can’t win!) … it can cause bleeding.

So What Natural Treatments Work?

  1. Eat Some Wheat Grass
    This is an incredible for detoxing
  2. Hydrate with more than just water
    Tomato juice with cayenne pepper, sugar and lime replace electrolytes
    Water with sugar and lime is another option
    Gatorade (yes I mentioned this before)
  3. Tiger Balm Your Head ASAP
    Get Tiger Balm and put it on the back of your neck and on your temples. You will thank me later.
  4. Mustard Gets Rid of Toxins
    Put Mustard powder all over your body, it flushes our toxins and promotes blood circulation.
  5. Stimulate your senses
    Go to the bathroom, hide behind your desk, whatever it is … just rub your feet. You need to stimulate the outer edge area on the right foot which is about the 50% of the way between the middle of your foot and your pinky toe.
  6. Take an Early Lunch and Go To Yoga
    If you’re a yoga’er than you’ll know what I’m talking about. If not, give it a shot- it’s the best way to cure anything (at least in my opinion).

Let me know how your next hangover looks …. Or wait, I forgot you said you’re never going to drink again 😉