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Tapping Energy from Lightning for Electricity – How Possible?

We all know how incredibly strong some lightning strikes can be – especially during storms. Lightning is caused by the release of electrons as a result of friction between the earth and the atmosphere.

The lots of energy at the end of the earth’s atmosphere where it is in contact with space can really be tapped and even recycled for generation of electricity by humans.

It is important to also note that lightning does not only take place in the earth. It has been discovered that Mars, Jupiter and some other planets experience strong lightning storms in them. There really is a lot of energy involved when lightning takes place.

Based on scientific discoveries, some lightning bolts that happen carry so much energy and power that if harnessed can provide enough electricity to meet the needs of a whole city. You can then imagine what it would be like if we could store and convert this energy for our use.


The truth is that the energy produced by wind power for instance, may not exceed that that we could tap from lightning. The negative effects of wind power are well documented, ranging from its disturbing environmental noise, and the fact that it is not a steady or reliable source of energy.

And so we could begin researching to find ways of making use of the energy released during lightning. Though it may be unclear yet how we could tap into this potential, it still represents another alternative we can pursue to achieve a green and safe planet.

Altmaier Wants to Fight for Affordable Electricity


BERLIN, Germany – Federal Environment Minister, Peter Altmaier (CDU), assumes that electricity prices will rise during the phasing out of nuclear power.

“Everyone knew when to phase out nuclear energy, the energy transition can not be had for free,” the CDU politician said on Wednesday in the ZDF “Morning Magazine”.

Task of the federal government is to organize the transformation of energy so that these price increases were within the scope and power remain affordable.

According to Altmaier, the energy revolution will not fail. Needed were new power lines. This would be in the Federal Network noted that should be adopted no later than early next year.