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How Effective Is Water Treatment for Wastewater?

Treatment of wastewater involves the removal of both organic and inorganic matter from used water, thereby making it appropriate to be used again. During this recycling process, the wastewater usually goes through filtration, disinfection and separation processes that remove both organic matter like pathogens as well as inorganic matter such as chemicals.

Depending on the quality of water required, the processes involved in its treatment may vary. There could just be the primary treatment that only screens the water but offers no treatment to it.

Riverside Water Treatment Plant

The secondary and tertiary treatments provide more advanced treatments. The tertiary water treatment method for example, can eliminate impurities from sewage entirely. But the technology required for the process is still a bit expensive because of the equipments needed. It also requires a very high level of specialized knowledge, which may not be present at all times.

The method adopted in the treatment of water also depends on the industry in need of the water. For those that work with high levels of toxic substances, they have to use the more advanced water treatment methods; while others will implement the simpler procedures.

Today, we still experience pollution in our environment as a result of the absence of suitable methods for treating water. And so there is still the need to develop more efficient ways of recycling water in our ecosystem.

The new water recycling methods will have to be economical, efficient, environmentally friendly as well as easy when in use.


SAGUENAY – The city of Saguenay would have found “the vein” in drinking water. Engineers appointed by the municipal authorities have discovered a water table several kilometers under the land company, Grass Savard.

According to Mayor Jean Tremblay, the discovery would be large enough to feed everyone in Saguenay for decades.

“Experts have also told us that the water quality was excellent. We could use this water without treatment. It would be even better quality than that of Amos, which was declared best in the world a few years ago,” said the mayor of Saguenay.

A process is already underway so that Saguenay is the sole owner of this discovery. The mayor believes that the city would need to acquire a parcel of land to successfully exploit what is in the basement.

Until now, efforts to find drinking water in the territory cost the city nearly a million dollars. “At first we put $20,000, then another $25,000. The engineers told us “if we go further, it is likely”. It’s like when you are looking for a mine. And finally, two years later, we found,” he told Mr. Smith.

The city of Saguenay is still unclear what it intends to make this wealth. The layout of pipes to supply all citizens would cost nearly $100 million. The amount hamper the push from the mayor of Saguenay, but says this discovery ensures the prosperity of the city in the event that water shortages threaten the planet.

Country in the Pacific, Tuvalu remains without drinking water

Tuvalu, a small island country located in the Pacific Ocean, declared a state of emergency following a drinking water crisis. Officials said that in some areas of the country, drinking water stocks have ran out .

New Zealand’s Foreign Minister said that his country has worked with the Red Cross to send aid in Tuvalu. Two military aircraft C-130 type were sent to Tuvalu, carrying them on board two water desalination units and numerous containers containing water.

Secretary General of the Red Cross warned the people of Tuvalu not to drink water from wells. “This water is not good for consumption, we have already received several reports that the animals drank water from wells that have died,” he said.

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