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Vibrio in Alaska, the Fault of Global Warming


Climate change is already having an impact on safety of food production and if nothing is done to time, the trend will only get worse. This is asserted by Todd Ewen, a professor at Michigan State University, who presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a series of disheartening data on the influence of global warming in the world of agriculture and animal husbandry.

The case in point is the vibrio, the agent of cholera. It usually lives in the warm ocean waters and and is prolific. This is caused by the constant increase of temperature in water.

“There was an outbreak in Alaska in 2005, when the temperature reached 15 degrees centigrade,” remembers Ewen. The scenario is not favorable, including drought and heavy rains affecting price increases.

Birds Migration Influenced by Climate Change

Climate change affects the behavior of traveling birds: geese, ducks and swans spend their winters in wetlands of northern Europe changes its habits of migration as temperatures rise.

British experts say, because many of the birds no longer migrate north to the south of the continent, the number of specimens of species once common as winter guests is now declining in the UK.

Researchers at the University of Helsinki conducted a study based on data provided by the Observatory of birds in Hanko, Finland. Here, since 1979, several volunteers have followed the birds daily, making a “census migration”.

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