Substance Abuse Can Be a Problem in the Workplace

Some people think that substance abuse is a solitary problem. While it can indeed affect lone individuals and not impact those around them, the possibility of this lessens when that individual works with several or more people. The odds of a problem increase even more if their duties involve interacting with members of the public, making the potential risk pool rise considerably.

DriverCheck does medical marijuana testing for a number of different companies that wish to either screen out or help employees who have a substance abuse problem. While some feel that such tests are a violation of personal privacy, it is felt by some organizations that the potential risk supersedes such concerns. This is particularly so if a person’s duties involve the use of machinery that can cause injury or death.

In those cases, it is difficult to minimize the importance of a drug and alcohol test in addition to the marijuana screening. Dangerous use of machinery while impaired can result in injury or death not only for the worker, but for those around them and even members of the public they might come into contact with while performing their regular duties each day.

The results can be tragic and also quite damaging from a legal and reputational standpoint for the company. In order to head off potential problems such as this, some organizations rely on testing as a precondition for employment. Such screenings allow these companies to weed out promising but potentially problematic candidates before they can join the workforce and possibly cause an accident.

It might seem a bit Draconian and or even Big Brother-like to do such things, but the intent is not malevolent in most cases. The aim is merely to prevent potentially disastrous problems from occurring.

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