Planet-Friendly Additions to give Your Kitchen a Healthy Green makeover

Saving the planet essentially starts from home. Instead of worrying about the big picture, sometimes it is best to do whatever little you can to help take the growing green wave forward. As both architects and consumers are becoming more ‘eco-conscious’ with each passing day, the latest homes and hotels coming up are becoming far more energy efficient and planet-friendly. That in no way means that existing home owners cannot tread the same clean path.

Turning your kitchen into a healthy and green abode is the perfect start indeed.

eco friendly kitchen

Saving up energy that is used in the kitchen helps not just cut down on your carbon footprint, but also saves up cash thanks to the reduced power bills. With growing energy bills becoming a huge concern in both UK and across the world, this is an incentive enough to switch to energy-efficient gadgets along with smart LED lighting. Plastic is another vice that you could do without and replacing plastic with organic materials also is a step forward in the right direction.

Most of the modern homes have a small dining space in the kitchen or a dining area that is visually attached to the kitchen. Opt for a dining table set that is organic in nature and certified green. There are plenty of options in this regard as makers like offer tables, chairs and shelving units crafted using wood from sustainable forests that are certified as planet-friendly. Always check with your furniture and décor company and ask them for the same.

Create a gray water management system that allows you to recycle and even reuse all the water flowing out of your kitchen sink. Replacing glass and plastic surfaces with organic materials such as wood and bamboo for your kitchen countertop makes sure you are far less prone to bacterial infections. For those who love their home garden, a compost system is a great idea as it provides for natural fertilizer while reducing on waste.

Top all of this off with recycling and reduction of waste and your kitchen is on the fast track to green goodness. At the end of the day, it is essential to remember that going green is much more than a few changes here and there – it is a way of life!

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