Petition for a Sustainable Use of Land


The land is a limited resource. However, Europe continues to utilize more and more throughout the world. Europe is the continent that more than anything else in the world depends on imported resources and products from other countries, to support its economy by using a portion of land totaling approximately one and half times its size.

The persistence of this situation of over-exploitation of land is due to a variety of social and environmental problems worldwide, ranging from increased food prices, the loss of biodiversity, climate change. To change things, it is important for Europe to measure how much of the territory of the planet it uses to support its economy and puts in place effective policies for the efficient use of natural resources.

In the month of June, a group of experts will begin to discuss how to measure the impact of consumption of goods and services in Europe in relation to the use of global territory. The Friends of the Earth offer European citizens to sign a petition addressed to the European Commissioner for the Environment, Janez Potocnik, who is responsible for this institutional initiative.


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