NASA measured the incredible pace that glaciers melt

NASA satellites performed the first measurement to see the exact rate of glaciers melting on Earth. The results show that 150 billion tons of ice disappear annually, rising ocean levels by 4 millimeters.

The study measured glaciers between 2003 and 2010. NASA specialists announced that between the years studied, the Earth has lost 4.3 trillion tons of ice, ocean levels rising by 12 mm. To illustrate the huge amount of ice melted over the years, NASA explained that it would have been sufficient to cover all over the United States of America with a layer of ice 50 centimeters thick.

Greenland and Antarctica are regions that have experienced the increased rate of melting in two areas ascertaining the quarter from melting recorded in the whole world.

“Each year, Earth lost a huge amount of ice, and these new results will help us answer important questions that relate to increasing ocean and how the cold regions of the world react to climate change,” said Professor John Wahr, lead investigator.

Researchers at NASA have issued a map that you can see the amount of ice on the planet has lost between 2003 and 2010. Areas colored blue are regions where ice volume decreased and those in red are areas that have experienced an increase in ice volume.

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