How Sufficient Is Earth’s Natural Gas Reserves

We have heard and read it over and over again, that soon we will run out of natural gas for our use. This has been propagated by environmental enthusiasts who are promoting the use of alternatives to fossil fuels – the wind, solar or hydroelectric sources of energy.natural-gas-stove-burner

However, a lot of times, we come to realize that our energy requirements really surpass what these alternatives could handle, even when they are combined together. The truth is that, we are yet to ascertain how reliable these energy sources are, that could lead us to clearing fuels out of the way in our world.

We do not know yet how reliable these energy sources are, bearing in mind the how costly a failure in energy supply could be to the system.

We’ve had several predictions as to how soon we will run out of natural gas, most of which will at best be described as false. The challenge now is this: do we continue to listen to these predictions? How do we know that these predictions are purely motivated by a care for our planet?

A lot of billions have been spent by the US on the basis of these predictions, but until today we cannot boast of an efficient alternative to fossil fuels, neither are the natural gas reserves looking like they are about to be depleted.

Either way, there is need to assess our options for clean renewable energy sources while minimizing the burning of fuels into our atmosphere. Meanwhile, it has to be at the best interest of our planet, and not for any form of economic gain.

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