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Greenhouse effect is primarily triggered by extreme burning of coal, petroleum and natural gas, along with the multitude of exhaust discharges in contemporary commercial society. After being burnt, these fuels will release a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which will then result in greenhouse effect.

Exactly what’s more, there are also some other unsafe impacts triggered by greenhouse effect. For example, it will increase storms in the sea, trigger the dry spell of land, increase the desertification location, and so on. Human activities and the nature will likewise release out other gases, which could cause greenhouse effect. These gases consist of: chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), methane, low-altitude ozone, and nitrogen oxide gases.

The greenhouse effect causes can be generally categorized into natural gases in addition to anthropogenic causes. While natural causes of greenhouse effect include presence of water vapor, release of methane from wetlands, volcanic eruptions and so on, the anthropogenic causes consist of human induced ecological contamination, deforestation, cattle rearing, and other activities. The distinction between the 2, however, is that the natural causes assist in preserving the balance of greenhouse gases, and anthropogenic causes disrupt this balance and cause international warming.

An There’s So Much More To Discuss

After going through all these elaborate details about the 2 concepts you recognize that there is a lot more to find out about the cause-effect relationship they share, with the ‘greenhouse effect’ working as a curse and the phenomenon of ‘global warming’ functioning as its effect. All being said, the onus is on us to guarantee that we avoid adding to the greenhouse effect, either straight or indirectly, and do our little bit to deal with global warming, and its effects on our planet.

Exactly what we should do to eliminate the damages caused by greenhouse effect? In order to lower the extreme co2 in the environment, on the one hand, people have to save electricity as much as possible, and drive vehicle as less as possible. On the other hand, we should protect the oceans and forests. In addition, we can likewise accomplish the afforestation work, reduce using disposable wooden chopsticks, save paper, and so on, so about lower the co2 in the air and assistance reduce the greenhouse effect.

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