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Everything gets changed with the changes of time. Even the conception of global warming has changed a great deal in recent years. However, the basic concept of global warming is the same. Global warming in very simple words is the gradual increase of earth’s average surface temperature over the past century, owing to the emission of green house gases through the combustion of fossil fuels.

Due to global warming various species including human beings are dealing with a lot of problems. Due to global warming the frogs are now at the threat of a deadly fungal epidemic according to a recent study. It is that epidemic which is wiping out amphibian populations. Scientists have found a powerful relationship between the timing of frog extinctions and changes in sea surface and air temperatures in the tropical mountains of Central and South America.

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Another surprising effect of global warming is the rise in infections from the sneeze attacks and itchy eyes. In recent years more and more individuals have started suffering from various seasonal allergies and asthma attacks. According to scientific research, the highest level of carbon dioxide and warmer temperature due to climate warming are contributing in prodding plants to bloom before time and thus, produce more pollen.

Most people realize that global warming effects are likely as the basis of their own destructive activity. There is more, more an industry built, and the process contributes to increase carbon dioxide. Much carbon dioxide makes the air become uncomfortable. Moreover, we still not do anything to resolve the problem of effects global warming.

This is the why it is seemed that the majority of the animals are moving from their original living areas to greater elevations due to climate warming there are several changes take place in the habitat of animals. Species like polar bears are now facing the risk of losing their habitat as a result of these environmental changes.

Directly related to the phenomena of global warming, are the changes that take place in particular seasons. Spring migration is happening earlier in the year and fall migration is occurring later for many kinds of species. Sadly, the climate change caused by global warming then causes a plethora of extinctions. The reason for this increase in the annihilation of some species is because many are incapable of adapting to the rapid climate changes. One species that global warming is affecting today is polar bears. In both Canada and the U.S, polar bears are in the Endangered Species Act due to the high level of melting ice. As a result, climate change will inevitably affect the circle of the ecosystem. These then influences the way energy and chemicals flow through carnivores, herbivores, soil organisms and plants. Interaction between predators and prey structure the food webs, causing changing conditions in the food chain.

The cause of global warming is finally related to the change in the atmosphere, caused by gases that humans are causing. Scientifically, global warming refers to a rise in the earth’s average surface temperature, one aspect of climate change. Greenhouse gases subsequentially reemit infrared energy of slightly different wavelengths after absorbing radiation emitted from the surface. Some of those gases travel back downward, warming the troposphere and the earth’s surface in a phenomenon referred to as the greenhouse effect. Therefore, global warming refers to the capacity of one molecule of a greenhouse gas to contribute to warming. Although greenhouse gases are one cause of global warming, it has ascertained that the most negative cause of global warming is carbon dioxide (CO2), the most potent of greenhouse gases. As Dr. Withgott mentiones’… Carbon dioxide’s abundance in our emissions makes it the major anthropogenic contributor to global warming’. Another reason for the situation of global warming is the liberation of the methane (CH4) we humans cause when raising livestock that emit methane as metabolic waste. Since 1750, atmospheric methane concentrations have risen 250 %, and today’s concentration is the highest by far in more than 65, 0000 years. It has likewise been recorded that human activities have also augmented atmospheric concentrations of nitric oxides. These greenhouse gases, by-products of feedlots, auto emission, chemical manufacturing plants, and synthetic nitrogen fertilizers, have risen by 18%. I decided to look into solutions that we could take individually and as a world community to reduce the effects of warming and slow its progress after looking at the negative effects that climate change and global warming has on our humanity and on our earth.

From a recent study, it is seemed that part of the whales of the Mexican coast are found to have severe sunburn which might cause, owing to the damage of ozone layer. The seagoing mammals would have also the sunburn while they spending longer period of time on the ocean’s surface to breathe, socialize, and feed their young.

The ozone layer helps in insulating the earth from the ultraviolet rays of sunlight which has been declining since years, owing to the influence of ozone-eating chemicals which are known as CFCs. It has resulted in the presence of a hole in the ozone layer.

If the ozone layer breaks down, UV rays will be able to achieve the Earth’s surface, with the result being a dramatic increase in the incidence of skin cancer and eye cataracts.

At the end we can state that global warming is the more burning issue of today’s time. In order to address this issue, a lot of collective efforts are required. There are still some individuals who mightn’t even aware of global warming and their causes. Whatever changes they’re experiencing in environmental atmosphere, they just think that all these are but natural. In order to make them understand about earth warming and its severe consequences, at first we have to make them informed of the issue. However, though global warming cannot be stopped immediately, but we can at least reduce its effects by taking the necessary measures in this regard. To know more about global warming and the means to reduce its effects, going online would be a great option.

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