Global Warming Paradox: Himalayan Artificial Glaciers


People living on the slopes of the Himalayas called him “the man of the glaciers.” With his inventions, Cheawang Norphel, engineer of 77 years, is fighting at the local effects of global warming that threatens dozens of villages.

The glaciers are retreating and is missing the water that is used to irrigate the fields of these people live from agriculture. While scientists and politicians debate climate change, here’s what was invented by Norphel: the artificial glaciers, a series of stone walls on the shady slopes of the mountains that hold the ice and bring the water to the fields through channels.

“We have built seven stone walls in series to contain and control the ice water. Rainfall in the region of Ladakh are so small that agriculture has almost exclusively on the water of the mountains.”

Many of the artificial glaciers that were built swept away flood, and governmental funds seem to dry. But the man of the glaciers go ahead with the experiments. Norphel is well aware that his solutions will not save the glaciers, but, it is valuable for the survival of the Himalayan people for the time being.

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