Food for your hair!

Do you believe in making resolutions? Some resolutions are meant to be broken, as usual. We find it really hard to keep them when Christmas is around the corner. But, right now, we are relating to our hair and our beauty.

What do you usually do when you face a hair problem? You would usually Google out the latest products and splurge your money on these made-to-appear-costly products. For once, be cheap and look around your house, preferably your kitchen for some products.

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Let us start with milk and eggs. Did you know that these two are the best for protein treatments? If not, then, you must at once start hunting your refrigerator for some milk and eggs. Whisk the eggs and apply to your hair. However, do not apply milk and egg together as too much protein can damage your hair and destroy them. Be slow and treat wise.

As for milk, take at least 3-5 tbsp in a bowl.  Before taking a shower, rinse your hair with milk carefully. Make sure that each strand of your hair dips in the milk. Also, you should apply the milk close to our scalp. In this way, the milk will act as nutrition for your hair and will soothe your hair to the tips.

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Secondly, olive oil is also considered to be the best among all the sophomore oils. You can rinse your hair with olive once or twice a week for better results. Your hair will become softer and silkier to your surprise.

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