Fit Legs: World’s Best Treks

Going on a trek and that has both difficult terrain and asubstantial distance is quite understandably not on top of many a traveler’s ‘must-do’ list. Yet, they give you a chance to see the landscape and experience and understand every aspect of the region like nothing else does. It is precisely for this reason that hiking trails are renowned across the globe. Of course you have to be both super fit and enthusiastic to undertake on one of these monumental journeys that will give you a lifetime of great memories.

Inca Trail – Peru

The Inca Trail in Peru is without a doubt one of the most popular trails on the planet and many travelers and gladly embark on this 33km trek, not just for the amazing views that it offers but also because of the grand destination at the end of it all- the Machu Picchu. Winding around lofty mountains and set amidst famous ancient ruins and cloud forests, this lives up to all the hype that surrounds it.

GR20 – France

Linking the Calenzana with Conca the GR20 in France is the ultimate rush for most trekking enthusiasts. The arduous 15-day hike will give you a glimpse of a wide variety of terrain that includes almost everything that you can ask for. From snow-clad peaks to vast beautiful plains and from glacial lakes to valleys and craters, this 168 km trek has everything packed into one as it is both challenging and unforgettable.

Routeburn Track – New Zealand

New Zealand holidays might not normally include a trek that sees you pass through two national parks and get an unparallel view of the country’s Southern Alps. But the Routeburn Track offers you a three-day and 32Km-long journey that allows you to explore both the Fiordland and Mt Aspiring National Parks.

Everest Base Camp – Nepal

If you are looking for a trek that will give you a new high and offer you a breathtaking experience, then this is it; quite literally! Ending at an altitude of 5,545m, this three-week trek takes you to the base of the world’s tallest peak and that is surely an achievement in itself. Of course, when you have the Himalayas and Mount Everest for backdrop you are pretty much guaranteed stunning scenery.

Pays Dogon – Mali

If you want to experience the ingenious lifestyle of the people in this region of Africa and enjoy a beautiful trek that will take you through soaring cliffs and back into the heart of humanity’s cradle, then this is it. Old and abandoned cliff dwellings will greet you along the way while traveling through the region can vary anywhere between a few days to a couple of weeks depending on your interest and the time you have on hand.

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