Extreme Solution Against Global Warming: Painting Mountains White!

The Andes Mountains, a team of ecologists fight climate change with a novel way to conserve water glaciers and on which a community of shepherds in Peru.

Community includes 900 people and lives of the increase in alpaca blades (photo) on mountain pastures.

Grass pasture development depends on the amount of available water and the water comes from snow and ice on the mountain.

In recent years, however, glaciers tend to disappear due to rising temperatures.

Eduardo Gold, a specialist working in the organization Glaciares Peru, trying to combat this trend with an original method, which is still in experimental stage.

He believes that dark rock of the mountains absorbs heat from the sun, while light-colored surface reflects sunlight, would not so much heat and allow the accumulation of snow and ice.

The team uses a mixture of water, sand and lime to cover the bare surfaces of rocks.

Surprisingly, the method seems to give results: measuring temperature, Eduardo Gold found that where the rocks were “painted” in white, temperatures are 10-12 degrees Celsius lower than prior to painting and there are accumulations of ice buried in the soil.

So far, it was painted white an area of ​​15,000 square meters. But team aims to cover 3 billion square feet-operation would cost more than $ 40 billion.

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