Dark Side of vegetables: black tomatoes!

Israelis farmers have created a kind of tomato with a red interior, but with a very dark skin color, which darkens as tomatoes ripen in the sun.

The researchers crossed wild varieties cultivated varieties of tomato, resulting in a new variety with striking aspect in color almost black fruit (botanically speaking, what we call “red” are fruits of the plant).

Variety of “black red” was called Black Galaxy. Dark pigment – which is akin to that of blueberries – is photosensitive, so color is even darker as the tomato haulm left more on the sun.

The antioxidant properties of red tomatoes have all the usual varieties, scientists believe it could be even richer in antioxidants and vitamin C, found in high concentrations in the dark pigment.

Producing company, Technological Seeds will present its new creation an exhibition specialized R & D Arava Agricultural Exhibition, and Galaxy Black tomatoes could enter the market next year.

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