Country in the Pacific, Tuvalu remains without drinking water

Tuvalu, a small island country located in the Pacific Ocean, declared a state of emergency following a drinking water crisis. Officials said that in some areas of the country, drinking water stocks have ran out .

New Zealand’s Foreign Minister said that his country has worked with the Red Cross to send aid in Tuvalu. Two military aircraft C-130 type were sent to Tuvalu, carrying them on board two water desalination units and numerous containers containing water.

Secretary General of the Red Cross warned the people of Tuvalu not to drink water from wells. “This water is not good for consumption, we have already received several reports that the animals drank water from wells that have died,” he said.

Tuvalu, a country composed of many coral atolls, is not the only state in the region that has problems with the supply of drinking water. In the last six months rainfall in the region was low, and officials from Australia and New Zealand are concerned about the situation of other nearby islands.

Meteorologists warn that dry weather will continue.

Tuvalu is one of the countries most affected by global warming . Residents fear that it will increase ocean levels by limiting sources of drinking water and thus making the islands in areas that can not be inhabited by humans.

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