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Is It Worth Investing in Perovskite Solar Cell Equipment?

The past several years has brought a surge of interest in renewable energy technologies from investors. The global demand for energy is continuously on the rise, and renewable sources like wind are becoming increasingly efficient and affordable. Now, investors are increasingly interested in the possibilities found in perovskite solar cell equipment.

What Is Perovskite Solar Cell Equipment?

Perovskites are a class of minerals with properties that make them ideal as photovoltaic solar cell material. Although research into their potential only began about ten years ago, researchers have already produced flexible, lightweight solar cells using perovskite thin films.

Today, research efforts are focused on turning this technology into something that can be made cheaply in large quantities to meet the burgeoning demand for solar energy.

Work into improving the efficiency of these cells has been remarkably successful; though devices using these materials were only 3.8% in 2009, in 2017, perovskite solar cells reached efficiency levels of up to 26.7% and 25.2%. That makes perovskite solar cell equipment the fastest-advancing solar technology to date.

Is It Worth the Investment?

A recent study predicts the renewable energy sector to rake in nearly $5.1 trillion in investment dollars for new power installations by 2030. That’s also the year Bloomberg foresees renewable energy sources accounting for 60% of all new power generation and 65% of power investment.

However, perovskite is far from the only renewable technology out there that has investors interested. Finance site Investopedia points to hydropower as the dominant renewable that will drive investment in the next few years, as companies like Alstom and Siemens push the technology forward. Wind energy has also experienced massive growth, both due to companies installing new window farms and improving the efficiency of existing installations.

That doesn’t mean you should discount the potential in solar, however. As mentioned, perovskite cells have advanced in efficiency faster than any existing solar tech so far. It’s rapidly becoming the tech-du-jour in the solar sector. Not to mention that the cost of producing solar energy is plunging worldwide, leading more and more governments to invest in solar installations in order to meet their clean energy goals.

Perovskite is certainly worth a look if you’re interested in the future of renewable energy from an investor perspective. I know I’ll be creating an alert for news items about the technology.

Earth Day – Random Ideas

On April the 22nd of 1970, near to 20 million Americans rallied in support of our planet. They recognized the need for everyone in every country see the need to become an Eco liable. This started a revolution for a cleaner, more sustainable environment, through teaching and discovering presentations across the nation. Following that first Earth Day was a substantial push for new legislation which brought to life the Clean Air and Clean Water Act.

Earth Day 2011 will be celebrated this year from even more than a billion people in over 160 countries worldwide. Numerous regional celebrations will be held, consisting of recycling events, teaching and discovering clinics, presentations and even more. Activities for this Earth Day 2011 have obtained the interest of numerous that now the whole month of April thought about Earth Month and not simply earth day. People feel a connection to our earth even more than ever before.

What will you do this Earth Day? Have a look at some previous Earth Day activities from 2010 and previous. You can find a myriad of things to do to celebrate earth day.

You yourself can be the Organizer of an Earth Day occasion. That advertises running, biking or walking, and contribute any of the proceeds to your favorite ecological organization or group.

More Random Earth Day Thoughts

Earth Day 2010 brought the Avatar Home Tree Initiative, a worldwide effort to plant 1 million trees worldwide. An ‘Avatar’ collaborative between Earth Day Network, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and 17 partner organizations around the globe motivated 33,000 individuals to plant 1,006,639 trees on six continents all over the world, genuinely a remarkable venture e.

Earth Day brought the Avatar Home Tree Initiative, an international effort to plant 1 million trees around the world. This collaboration between Earth Day Network (EDN), Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and 17 partner organizations worldwide inspired 31,000 people to plant 1,006,639 trees on 6 continents.

Establish a Earth Day booth or table to disperse sales brochures, activity books and posters. You can find these products with the Energy Star website.

Recycling is a routine that we can all establish to make a positive impact on our environment every day.

How will you celebrate Earth Day this year? Here are some Earth Day concepts, you can get involved and reveal your support for the environment and your neighborhood.

Lower, Recyle, Reuse, The United States is among the largest producers of trash, yet we just reuse 31 % of our waste.

Last idea Most people see things the means they are. You can produce change. This Earth Day, come out and see the means things can be in your community by getting involved.

The Best Natural Cure For Work Hangovers

We’ve all been there. Its a big night, you have way too much fun (yes you drink a lot) and now you’re sitting at work hatling life and vowing to never drink again. Your boss wants you in his office to give you a last minute assignment for today, your coworker is chewing gum way too loudly and the coffee machine is broken.

Now what?

You could grab a Gatorade, close your office door and take a nap. Afterall, if you can’t think, you can’t work. Obviously. OR you can assume that’s too risky (maybe you don’t have an office with a door) and you can load up on advil and anything else that has a chance of making you feel like your head isn’t pounding and the room isn’t spinning.
Recently there were several studies released on ways to get rid of a hangover naturally. No pills, no sleeping… just you, your head and nature’s gift. First of all, you get a hangover when your liver is telling you that it can’t handle anymore abuse. Its trying its best to deal with the excessive amount of toxins you’ve just ingested. Your blood sugar also dips and dehydration and fatigue only add to the problem.

So Why Do We Avoid Prescription Pills/Drugs?

Absolutely they are huge lifesavers, but they sure don’t have a great effect on your body.

  • Aspirin is a blood thinner and when you are mixing it together with alcohol. The only problem here is really if you cut yourself. Good luck getting yourself to stop bleeding.
  • Acetaminophen is just bad for your liver. Plain and simple.
  • Ibuprofen is bad for your stomach (you really can’t win!) … it can cause bleeding.

So What Natural Treatments Work?

  1. Eat Some Wheat Grass
    This is an incredible for detoxing
  2. Hydrate with more than just water
    Tomato juice with cayenne pepper, sugar and lime replace electrolytes
    Water with sugar and lime is another option
    Gatorade (yes I mentioned this before)
  3. Tiger Balm Your Head ASAP
    Get Tiger Balm and put it on the back of your neck and on your temples. You will thank me later.
  4. Mustard Gets Rid of Toxins
    Put Mustard powder all over your body, it flushes our toxins and promotes blood circulation.
  5. Stimulate your senses
    Go to the bathroom, hide behind your desk, whatever it is … just rub your feet. You need to stimulate the outer edge area on the right foot which is about the 50% of the way between the middle of your foot and your pinky toe.
  6. Take an Early Lunch and Go To Yoga
    If you’re a yoga’er than you’ll know what I’m talking about. If not, give it a shot- it’s the best way to cure anything (at least in my opinion).

Let me know how your next hangover looks …. Or wait, I forgot you said you’re never going to drink again 😉

How Predictable Has Earth’s Climate Been?

In the 1970s, when we had fairly stable climate conditions, there were speculations that the earth could be going into a very cold period. This proved to be incorrect because temperatures warmed up and the global warming mantra kicked off.

We experienced a period of severe weather conditions after this period, and then we started hearing ‘climate change’ all over the world.

The question now is this: have we really been able to correctly predict what the earth’s weather is going to be, or are we simply figuring out words to falsely predict our planet’s weather? It just seems as though the earth is simply following a systematic pattern or cycle that we have not been able to correctly understand.

We really have to admit that the global warming exponents have been very flexible and adaptable about the answers given to bugging questions concerning our earth’s climate.


Recently, we have had a new phrase in our climate change dictionary: Global Climate Disruption. It has been said that climate change is directly related to the frequency of hurricane occurrence on the earth.

This raises another question, how then do we explain some really weird events in the earth’s weather that took place in the early 1930s and those hurricanes that happened before we started naming them?

In fact, so many of the predictions concerning climates have proved false, leading us to wonder what premeditates those climate alarms.

Well, we can only conclude that the earth has been going through series of cycles in its climate, and until we come to understand it, we can only speculate at best.

Are We Still Expecting Earth’s Polar Shifts?

Polar shifts were predicted for the earth by some theorists; suggesting that the earth was going to be turned over on its axis, resulting to the South Pole becoming the north, while the North Pole takes over the position of the south.

We already know that the earth rotates on its axis, and by this rotation we are able to correctly calculate the locations of the North and South Poles. The polar shift will have adverse and catastrophic environmental effects on the earth were it to occur.

The earth will experience tsunamis, volcanoes, tornadoes, earthquakes as well as hurricanes. There are going to be severe and dramatic changes that will permanently affect the planet and the lives within it. The only way to describe the destruction that will face the earth in such situations is disaster for mankind, because of the loss that will be experienced in terms of communication, electricity and infrastructure.


But today, we have not gotten any real warning regarding the earth’s polar shift from any government or scientific agency. The question now is this, was the information on earth’s polar shift true or was it purely conspiracy and rumor?

If it was true, then we can conclude that probably it was announced too early, or that it isn’t going to happen anymore. Otherwise, it remains to be seen what feedback the announcement of such disaster is supposed to generate for the announcers.

Of course, it is everyone’s heart desire that such does not happen to our planet anytime, now or in the future.


Tips on Choosing the Right Type of Garden

So you have a space in your home where you have decided to get your hands dirty with some humus? That is good, because there’s nothing as satisfying as eating the fruits of your garden labor. However, you really have to make up your mind as to which type of garden is most suitable for you to cultivate – especially if you are just starting out.

Some factors such as your garden space, the time you will have for the garden, the weather conditions in your area, water supply, the quality of the soil and even the current condition of the garden right now; have to be put into consideration when making your decision.

If the garden space is large enough, you can consider planting flowers, fruits and flowers in different segments of the farm at the same time. More time is also required if you are going to do this.

The easiest type of garden to start with is a flower garden, stocked full of perennials that give you firsthand experience with gardening. You can visit a local horticulturist for some advice.

salad-greens jpg

A vegetable garden is also good, as it provides you with food from your own garden and also requires less of your time. You just need to know and consider the right ones to plant in their seasons and wait for them to mature.

Though time demanding, a fruit garden is a great choice for gardening. You also have to stave off the infestation of insects and pests to your fruits. However, if you enjoy eating fruits a lot, the time spent in taking care of your fruit garden is really worth it and should not discourage you.

So whichever choice you make, you will really enjoy the freshness and natural foods that appear on your table at meals.

Tapping Energy from Lightning for Electricity – How Possible?

We all know how incredibly strong some lightning strikes can be – especially during storms. Lightning is caused by the release of electrons as a result of friction between the earth and the atmosphere.

The lots of energy at the end of the earth’s atmosphere where it is in contact with space can really be tapped and even recycled for generation of electricity by humans.

It is important to also note that lightning does not only take place in the earth. It has been discovered that Mars, Jupiter and some other planets experience strong lightning storms in them. There really is a lot of energy involved when lightning takes place.

Based on scientific discoveries, some lightning bolts that happen carry so much energy and power that if harnessed can provide enough electricity to meet the needs of a whole city. You can then imagine what it would be like if we could store and convert this energy for our use.


The truth is that the energy produced by wind power for instance, may not exceed that that we could tap from lightning. The negative effects of wind power are well documented, ranging from its disturbing environmental noise, and the fact that it is not a steady or reliable source of energy.

And so we could begin researching to find ways of making use of the energy released during lightning. Though it may be unclear yet how we could tap into this potential, it still represents another alternative we can pursue to achieve a green and safe planet.

How Sufficient Is Earth’s Natural Gas Reserves

We have heard and read it over and over again, that soon we will run out of natural gas for our use. This has been propagated by environmental enthusiasts who are promoting the use of alternatives to fossil fuels – the wind, solar or hydroelectric sources of energy.natural-gas-stove-burner

However, a lot of times, we come to realize that our energy requirements really surpass what these alternatives could handle, even when they are combined together. The truth is that, we are yet to ascertain how reliable these energy sources are, that could lead us to clearing fuels out of the way in our world.

We do not know yet how reliable these energy sources are, bearing in mind the how costly a failure in energy supply could be to the system.

We’ve had several predictions as to how soon we will run out of natural gas, most of which will at best be described as false. The challenge now is this: do we continue to listen to these predictions? How do we know that these predictions are purely motivated by a care for our planet?

A lot of billions have been spent by the US on the basis of these predictions, but until today we cannot boast of an efficient alternative to fossil fuels, neither are the natural gas reserves looking like they are about to be depleted.

Either way, there is need to assess our options for clean renewable energy sources while minimizing the burning of fuels into our atmosphere. Meanwhile, it has to be at the best interest of our planet, and not for any form of economic gain.

How Modern Energy Technologies Can Minimize Over-Population Impact on Earth

We all know that human population on the earth is growing at an alarming rate. This has led to speculations that at some point in our existence here on earth, we may run out of energy resources as a result of increased pressure and over-use.r621244_4172517

It is true that the resources on the earth may be limited as compared to the growth in its population, and over-population will definitely affect the availability of freshwater, wildlife and even fossil fuel.

However, we all know that the amount of food produced in the world today has actually surpassed that produced several years ago from the same space of land – even with the increase in human population. Also, in the computer industry, we have learnt to produce powerful computers whose chips use very little energy.

All these are made possible by innovation and technology.

Why then do we think it is not going to be possible in our energy sector? Is it not going to be possible that entrepreneurs are going to figure out ways of conserving the world’s energy resources? The manufacture of some energy efficient devices in recent years is testament to this.

The fight between demand of a large population on earth, and the supply of limited energy resources is going to stimulate innovations to ensure our continued existence on this planet.

Well, this does not in any way mean we should neglect the issue of overpopulation, it simply means that we can come up with ways of using the earth’s resources efficiently without living on the brink of its exhaustion.

The Problem with Dependence on Rainfall in Parts of Africa

It is no longer news that parts of Africa are ravaged by extreme droughts and devastating food shortages. In most of these places, farming is the main stay of the economy.

Over the years, farmers in Africa – both small and large scale have depended on rainfall as the source of water for their large expanse of farmlands. But things are about to change.


With the current change in the world’s climate, leading to infrequent rainfall and unusually long dry seasons, farmers all over the world need to re-position themselves in order to remain productive.

One major way of ensuring they remain in the game is look for alternatives to rainfall by using irrigation in providing water for their farms. The damages already recorded in the severe effects of drought in many parts of Africa really far outweigh whatever costs implementing an irrigation system could take.

Sometimes, the costs involved may not even be astronomical in some environments considering that some farmlands are located beside large bodies of water, like dams, lakes or rivers.

However, the topography of Africa, and the fact that so many of these places that really need help are usually remote, makes them difficult to access for aid during difficult agricultural seasons.

The truth is that African governments need to make long term plans for providing rainfall alternatives for farmers. Large scale farmers also have to learn modern ways of irrigation used in other parts of the world.

The times when rainfall determines crop yield in farms is becoming a thing of the past, and farms all over the world need to rise up to the challenge of drought and food scarcity.

The Politics of Solar Power Future

For a good number of years now since the world woke up to the need for alternatives to fossil fuels, it is really surprising that not so much have really been achieved, especially by our governments. This is despite the strides that have been made in solar power technology.

There have also been increases in oil prices as a result of more regulations as well as the instability in the Middle East; yet, the potentials present in solar power as an alternative to fossil fuel remain untapped


With that in mind, one begins to wonder if all of the alarm being raised – especially by some governments – about global warming is really about caring for the world. If this is about our world, why do governments like the EU and US impose strong tariffs on solar panels manufactured in China?

Referring to an article on the New York Times by James Kanter, that importers of inexpensive solar panels from China could experience loss of hundreds of jobs because of imposing tariffs in the EU. If we really care for our planet, should it matter who manufactures the solar panels?

We have seen inconsistencies in the race to maximizing the potential for alternative energy both in the EU and in the US, so that could make us believe that there are economic reasons slowing down the successful implementation of solar panels in our environment.

Energy companies have to realize the shift in preference in the world, and adjust their business model to accommodate the use of solar panels in homes and buildings.

There are challenges in the successful use of solar panels, but our ultimate priority should be to save our world.

The Raven

The Raven is North America’s largest perching bird. They are actually referred to as passerine birds, which mean they have distinguished feet that is adapted for perching.

The Raven is an Omnivore and known to be very effective hunters that make use of cooperation during hunting. Teams of ravens are known to have been able to hunt large animals in the wild. They can feed on smaller animals like rodents, insects and worms, as well as grains which make them omnivores.

A lot of times too, they feed on carrions – decaying flesh of dead animals, and human garbage; making them scavengers.

During their breeding seasons, ravens are seen displaying magnificent aerial skills. These displays are mostly mating rituals, involving dances, rolls and dives. They usually make croaking sounds, and other forms of sounds.

In the winter months, groups of ravens flock to search for food together during the day, and at night they roost. They are always in groups or in twos. Ravens are known to mate for life, especially during the remaining months of the year.


When they begin to lay eggs, they make large nests with sticks; laying up to three to seven eggs. Because the ravens are always coupled, they take care of the young together. When the eggs hatch, they are dependent on their parents for several months.

The average life span of the raven is about 13 years, and could weigh up to 1.3 kg. The ravens are really sleek and remarkable birds and make for a beautiful sight when they are together in their flock.