Carrier vs multi-use bags: which is best for your business?

Bags are items that virtually everyone uses on a daily basis. Regardless of what industry you operate in or the size of your organisation, there’s scope to use promotional bags in your business. However, with so many different kinds of bags to choose from, it can be difficult to know exactly what will be right for your company. Two of the most popular options are carrier and multi-use bags – you can find out more about the benefits of each below.

shipping containers for movingCarrier bags

You’re probably most familiar with these products when you are buying items from shops, but it’d be a mistake to think they are only a viable option for retailers. Indeed, they can prove incredibly useful for all manner of organisations, including charities and those in the public sector.

We’ll have all seen people carrying plain unbranded carrier bags when walking down the street but, while you might think these items will be a suitable choice for your business, investing in them means you are missing out on a great promotional opportunity. Indeed, for a little additional expense, it’s possible to turn these bags into moving advertisements for your company by adding your logo, contact details and other marketing information to them.

Doing so means people will become a walking billboard for your brand from the minute they take these bags from you and will subconsciously showcase your company wherever they go. This is a great way to ensure your company resonates firmly in the minds of existing customers, while also giving those who were previously unaware of your company the incentive to find out more.

As a general rule, carrier bags – whether they’re used to carry items bought at a shop or to hold promotional materials – are extremely lightweight and designed to be used a few times. This means they tend to be a cost-effective option for companies that need to give away vast quantities of bags to give to a target audience at one-off events like conferences and tradeshows. If you’re keen to minimise the environmental impact of your business, opt for carrier bags made from recyclable materials such as polypropylene.

Multi-use bags

It should be fairly obvious, but multi-use bags are designed to be used on a repeated basis and, as such, are stronger than their plastic counterparts.

With this in mind in, they are perfect to use by businesses that expect their target audience to visit them frequently.

Retailers are an obvious example of this is and, by offering ‘bags for life’ to customers, companies can provide shoppers with strong bags that can be used time and time again. Doing so means customers will not constantly need a fresh supply of carriers to put purchases in, so these bags are an ideal way to help to reduce an organisation’s carbon footprint. You could give them out for free to customers that spend over a certain amount or you could make a small charge as a way to boost your profits.

In the same way as carrier bags, it’s a good idea to ensure your company’s logo and other marketing information are prominently displayed on reusable bags to maximise brand awareness among existing and new customers alike.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the different kinds of carrier bags that are available and how they can help to promote your business, you can do so by clicking here.

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