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Fleet management to be the key for EV Revolution

There is absolutely no doubt that the electric vehicle revolution is just in its infancy and while promotion agencies are already going gaga about how good driving an EV is, there are many that still are not convinced about their practicality.

The problem with the purchase of EVs is not so much the lack of interest or even the ability of car makers to produce quality vehicle in this class, but the absence of a supporting infrastructure that will assure owners that all is well. And Fleet management might be one of the keys to the success of the electric vehicle revolution in the years to come, if the necessary concerns are addressed.

One of the key aspects of fleet management is a vehicle tracking system and with improving technology, cheaper hardware and better software at hand, this aspect of fleet management has become far more advanced and affective than ever before.

This has meant that fleet management is now an area of greater significance than ever before and companies are now far more interested in having dedicated units and hiring experts who will help them in this field. And appealing to this sector will help increase the demand of EV sales exponentially.

One that that is already in their favor is the Plug-in Car Grants and tax cuts that the government offers for the ‘green vehicles’. What needs to be improved though is vehicle recharge pints and their number which will assure that they are not left high and dry on the road. Also essential is a chain of retail that will help fleet managers sell the used EVs effectively after their lifetime is done. Currently the market for used EVs is almost non-existent and hence proves to be major setback for EVs when it comes to becoming effective investment options.

Tracking vehicles and managing both infrastructure and fuel costs help companies immensely and being part of such efficient fleets will help the future of EVs greatly.

Global warming has caused the current wave of cold in Europe?

It sounds paradoxical, however scientists are capable to explain the harsh winter that now overwhelms Europe by melting of large masses of ice in the Arctic, melting which is a result of global warming.

Complex characteristics of the wind were disturbed by the ice melting Arctic, scientists believe, it considers that it is cold explanation that hit Europe in recent weeks and has killed over 200 people.

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NASA measured the incredible pace that glaciers melt

NASA satellites performed the first measurement to see the exact rate of glaciers melting on Earth. The results show that 150 billion tons of ice disappear annually, rising ocean levels by 4 millimeters.

The study measured glaciers between 2003 and 2010. NASA specialists announced that between the years studied, the Earth has lost 4.3 trillion tons of ice, ocean levels rising by 12 mm. To illustrate the huge amount of ice melted over the years, NASA explained that it would have been sufficient to cover all over the United States of America with a layer of ice 50 centimeters thick.

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Australia Wants to Get Elephants

Australia has a long and painful experience with alien species introduced by humans, who have profoundly affected the ecological balance of the continent. However, David Bowman, professor of ecology at the University of Tasmania, suggests that a possible solution to serious environmental problems in Australia would be … introduction of new alien species.

In a study published in the journal Nature, David Bowman explains that large areas of land in the country are extremely difficult to control situations such as natural fire extension and spread of invasive species of plants and animals.

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Dark Side of vegetables: black tomatoes!

Israelis farmers have created a kind of tomato with a red interior, but with a very dark skin color, which darkens as tomatoes ripen in the sun.

The researchers crossed wild varieties cultivated varieties of tomato, resulting in a new variety with striking aspect in color almost black fruit (botanically speaking, what we call “red” are fruits of the plant).

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Country in the Pacific, Tuvalu remains without drinking water

Tuvalu, a small island country located in the Pacific Ocean, declared a state of emergency following a drinking water crisis. Officials said that in some areas of the country, drinking water stocks have ran out .

New Zealand’s Foreign Minister said that his country has worked with the Red Cross to send aid in Tuvalu. Two military aircraft C-130 type were sent to Tuvalu, carrying them on board two water desalination units and numerous containers containing water.

Secretary General of the Red Cross warned the people of Tuvalu not to drink water from wells. “This water is not good for consumption, we have already received several reports that the animals drank water from wells that have died,” he said.

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Birds Migration Influenced by Climate Change

Climate change affects the behavior of traveling birds: geese, ducks and swans spend their winters in wetlands of northern Europe changes its habits of migration as temperatures rise.

British experts say, because many of the birds no longer migrate north to the south of the continent, the number of specimens of species once common as winter guests is now declining in the UK.

Researchers at the University of Helsinki conducted a study based on data provided by the Observatory of birds in Hanko, Finland. Here, since 1979, several volunteers have followed the birds daily, making a “census migration”.

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Arctic Ice Melting, Unprecedented Event in The Last 1450 Years

The most detailed study of water in the North announced that the melting of Arctic ice in the last 50 years is an unprecedented event in the last 1450 years.

Moreover, statistics show that so far has never been a wave of melting never to lie so long a period.

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Earth Becoming an Increasingly Hot Planet

By 2100, the world’s energy consumption will lead to warming of the Earth with 6 degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial, said Fatih Briol, chief economist of the International Energy Agency, the UN conference on climate change that takes place these days in Durban, South Africa.

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Extreme Solution Against Global Warming: Painting Mountains White!

The Andes Mountains, a team of ecologists fight climate change with a novel way to conserve water glaciers and on which a community of shepherds in Peru.

Community includes 900 people and lives of the increase in alpaca blades (photo) on mountain pastures.

Grass pasture development depends on the amount of available water and the water comes from snow and ice on the mountain.

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Himalayan glaciers are melting!

Lives of millions of people is threatened by melting Himalayan glaciers, announced researchers who conducted the most comprehensive analysis of the effects of climate change in this region.

The report was presented at the UN climate conference taking place these days in Durban. This is the first scientific research documenting the melting glaciers in the Himalayas.

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