Arctic Ice Melting, Unprecedented Event in The Last 1450 Years

The most detailed study of water in the North announced that the melting of Arctic ice in the last 50 years is an unprecedented event in the last 1450 years.

Moreover, statistics show that so far has never been a wave of melting never to lie so long a period.

The rapid melting of glaciers proves that climate change has an immediate impact on the Arctic. Ice it is of paramount importance in northern ecosystems, it provides natural habitat for most forms of life, from plankton to polar bears.

Although melting will allow exploitation of areas that until now were not accessible and facilitate shipping, the price paid by humanity will be a more expensive, experts anticipate.

To determine the degree of melting of ice, researcher Christian Zdanowicz the Geological Service of Canada analyzed data from 69 different sources. The study involved examining the annual rings of trees, on top of ice samples and sediments from lakes and the ocean. Also, to check the veracity of these sources were considered and current satellite observations.

Thus it was found that by the mid ’90s, the sea ice has decreased more than in Medieval Warm Period of 800-1300 years.

In addition, research has indicated that ice is not only determined by temperature. The Little Ice Age, melting occurred because more warm water currents, and this is happening now.

Although previous studies Zdanowicz’s is noted that the 6000-8000 years ago the ice was lower than at present, the researcher said that the situations are not comparable. At that time, due to changes in Earth orbit, the northern hemisphere received more sunlight, which caused melting.

If our climate would be strictly controlled orbital factor, then, at present, the Earth should be a gradual cooling trend.

“The pace of melting ice in the last 50 years is unprecedented in the last 1450 years and can not be explained by natural processes. The only conclusion is that greenhouse gases have caused this event,” concluded Zdanowicz.

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