Age-Defying Natural Foods for the Twenty-Somethings

nutsforskin Experts say that the best time to take skin care seriously is during our 20s. Medically speaking, this is the time when the skin is able generally to fully recover from the erratic hormonal changes during the person’s puberty stage. Aside from this, health practices during the age of 20s will also greatly determine one’s overall condition in the latter part of their lives. The old principle of ‘prevention is better than cure’ remains true and relevant to proper skin care.

Despite the high availability of skin care products now, skin experts are still not discounting the role of nourishing food to achieving radiant skin. “There’s a different glow from someone who is taking care of their skin inside and out,” Dr. Abueva suggests. Oftentimes, these foods are also have their own age-defying components, so there’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars for age-defying products anymore.

Here are some of the easy to find food that your 40-year old self will thank you for eating:


– all types of yogurts are rich in protein. Consequently, proteins have also been known to make skin become firmer, which means delayed development of wrinkles. Other dairy products are also known to have the same effect. The benefits of yogurt to the skin’s health have been highly positive that some women even apply yogurt directly to your face.


– those days when you’re too scared to munch on chocolates due to the fear of developing zits are officially over in your 20s. Besides, several skin experts have already busted the chocolate myths, and even hailed the food as one of the best skin anti-oxidants. The darker the chocolate, the better it is for the skin.



– aside from loads of Vitamin C that you can get from citrus fruits, they are also overflowing with anti-oxidants, which are essential in preventing cellular damage. Your skin can never get enough of these antioxidants, so eat those berries, away!


– nuts , especially walnuts are typically rich in omega-3, which has been known to catalyze collagen production. More collagen means better skin elasticity, which

also helps in fighting wrinkles. Other food items that are rich in omega-3 include fish and linseeds oil.

Finally, it may not be classified as food, but water is one of the most essential skin foods out there. It’s the cheapest moisturizer you can give your skin. So make sure to stay hydrated to achieve younger looking skin, everyday.

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