3 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Green Energy

For the past generation, it has been socially desirable to show that any business is environmentally sensitive. It can benefit a business in many ways if seen and understood as being green in its approach to everyday activities. There are three specific ways that green energy can benefit a business today.

green energy


According to the guys at www.PowerExperts.co.uk, the UK’s specialist electricity and gas comparison website for businesses, the benefits include:

    1. 1. Marketing Value: It takes time and effort for a business to ensure that it is using as much green energy as possible. When it does so, it gains the right to make its customers aware of that fact. A growing number of buyers will patronise businesses that show they are taking steps to protect the environment. It will often take an investment to truly focus on issues such as selecting green energy. The payback on that investment is in attracting the customers who appreciate the effort. Therefore, it is important for a company to appropriately note its commitment to green energy in its marketing message and materials.
    2. 2. Economic Incentives: Purchasing green energy produced from renewable sources often costs more today than that energy produced from fossil fuels. Plus, if a business invests in its own renewable sources, the upfront expense can be significant. There are, however, a number of tax incentives and credits that can be applied to many such investments. The cost of electricity purchased from renewable energy providers is a deduction as a normal operating expense. After tax considerations, the additional costs of going green are often significantly reduced. The actual total additional costs must be weighed against these costs in an after-tax analysis.

An increasingly significant source of savings for businesses that use or create green energy is the market for Renewable Energy Credits. Monthly income is created from the sale of these RECs on the markets and exchanges that exist for that purpose.

  • 3. Environmental Value: Of course, one of the biggest benefits to using green energy is the fact of being a conscientious corporate citizen. Beyond the realities of marketing and promotional value, there is significance in being able to share with employees and shareholders that a company is making a profit in a way that is not in conflict with the environment. Over time, the business will share in the benefits of a situation where a cleaner environment is advantageous to everyone.


There is one additional advantage to a business that gains experience in utilising green energy. As the cost and availability of energy produced with fossil fuels continues to rise, companies that gain experience with green energy alternatives will find they are positioned to save on their choices.

There are both current and future advantages to any business that takes the time to make green energy a part of its business strategy.

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